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Axe Throwing

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Try your hand at this unique and fun sport

Get ready to discover a unique, exciting, extreme mountain tradition: Axe Throwing. Bring your family, friends, clients, and coworkers to Summit County's newest and best indoor entertainment experience!

Find us in the absolute heart of Ski Country where throwing sharp objects is encouraged. Some might say, required. The trained coaches, called MTN GUIDES, will lead you and your party through an array of axe-throwing techniques and games, culminating in a "fierce" but friendly tournament.

SAFETY IS OUR TOP PRIORITY. We promise to provide a thrilling experience in a secure, controlled environment.

  • The mission is to have fun and enjoy being truly AXExtreme™
  • The goal is to provide the Safest and Most Fun environment possible
  • The vision is to be the most Empower Activity you can do on the Mountain

Axe Throwing

  • 75 Mintue

  • $45  Per Person
  • What to Bring
  • Comfortable clothing.
  • Closed toe shoes.

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When did axe throwing become a thing?

The oldest tool known to mankind is the AXE.  Originally made from stone it served as an aid in foraging, hunting, protecting and building. In around 400-500 AD the first axes used as projectiles, known as throwing axes were used. These axes had a short handle, a sharp thick axe head and were used as weapons during the Great Migration.

Over time the axe has been forged and shaped out of many materials, from a pear shaped chipped stone, to bronzed flared blade, large broad iron blades and to modern times of steelhead with wood handles.

As a sport Axe Throwing has been an activity at Lumberjack competitions from the early 1800’s and has continued to grow from local gatherings in rural backyards to  urban axe throwing venues across the world, gaining momentum with local communities and the formation of WATL; the World Axe Throwing League.