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Studio 54

Imagine a Studio 54 style theme with aluminum trussing surrounding the dance floor.

With all the special effects lighting included and specialty linens, your guests will feel like they have stepped into a dream. Intelligent moving lights beaming and reflecting throughout the entire room are captured by a translucent haze in the air. Wherever guests look there are glimmers of light.

An award winning production package that expertly combines Hi-Energy music and DJ talent with concert style special effects and lighting -- all self contained. This “over-the-top” package offers you a custom designed event...All strategically aimed at the wide appeal of your audience.

An audio system pumping out all musical eras including a dance through the decades, a disco theme as well as our DJ spinning the latest tracks. When you add a wide variety of musical interests...there will be enough energy created that will surely set even the most reluctant toes tapping.