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Murder Mysteries

Murder Mystery parties have everything you need to throw a successful party and are designed to be easy-to-run! Host your own murder mystery party.

The Westerns

Murder In Salt Creek - Salt Creek, Texas, 1874. Welcome to the Silver Queen Saloon. Outside the blazing sun has set, the dust devils have died down, and the men are riding in from the range to find liquor, women, and danger in a most unexpected form.

Murder At Buffalo Chip - Roll back the rug in the small town of Buffalo Chip, Colorado, where the year is 1888. Meet ranchers, rancher’s daughters, gunslingers, church ladies, mountain men, Indians, gamblers, and outlaws. This show is a favorite with visitors looking for Western flavor.

Murder At Trails End - Return to Salt Creek, Texas, but the year is 1889. Characters include Texas political figures, a cannibalistic Indian, a blind gunfighter, and mysterious visitors from south of the border. There's lots of action with a knifing, a fistfight, and a shootout.

The Victorian

Murder At Bottomsrood Manor - Sit down to a seance at the turn of the century, where you're invited to "join hands, clear your minds, and concentrate with every fiber of your being. Who knows what ghosts will come, and whether they will come for good, or for evil?"

Into The Future

Invaded By Murder - Lands an alien from outer space in the middle of your meeting, with the authorities in hot pursuit. When the mind channeling starts, who knows which body will be the next that is snatched?

The Roaring Twenties

Murder Speaks Easy - Re-creates the Black Orchid speakeasy in Chicago of the 20's. This is a crowd-pleasing favorite! Characters include mobsters, molls, crooked politicians, shifty lawyers, bootleggers, cigarette girls, etc. Great for costumes and dialects.

Murder At Macabre Manor

Transforms your location into an old English castle. This show's characters will remind you of those classic horror films from the 30's and 40's. It's a favorite with audiences planning to come in costume.

Rockin' 50s

Murder on Location - Puts you in the middle of a movie production set in the 1950's. Meet producers, directors, faded stars, rising newcomers, and many of the "little people" who make films possible.

Special Events for Holidays

Slaybells Ring - Takes you over the river and through the woods to a Christmas Eve celebration with the extended family at grandmother's house. A holiday party favorite, this mystery features one of the most dysfunctional families ever to obsess over the holidays!

Happy Birthday With Death - Welcomes you to our neighborhood, where a special friend is celebrating a birthday. Don't forget to thank the hostess, and above all don't touch anything until the police arrive.

Murder Says "I Do" - Hosts a wedding reception. The groom is handsome, the bride is beautiful, but some of the family members are a bit stranger than usual.

Murder At Colorado General

Raises funds for a small hospital in your city. When the president of the insurance company (disguised as a patient) threatens to increase regulations and reduce services, the mortality rate is sure to suffer a sudden increase.

Safari To Adventure

Almost brings the creatures of our wild kingdom on-stage during the taping of a zoo-oriented TV show. Unfortunately, the animals have other ideas, as do several members of the crew.


The CEO Murder - Reveals some skullduggery in a large corporation, which is usually in the same business as the audience's organization. What appears to be simply another speech quickly turns into a mystery game that is an excellent icebreaker for diverse audiences.

Murder Al Dente - Cooks up trouble in a small, family-owned restaurant. When old-world values clash with the needs of modern business, something - or someone - is likely to get broken.

Politics Is Murder - Sponsors a campaign rally or debate in the present day, but can also be set for a particular period. The cast includes those strange and nefarious characters that seem to have always inhabited our political landscape, but the issues are pertinent to the time and culture.

The Emerald Affair - Cracks open the world of fine jewelry, where emeralds are both a passion and a means for murder.