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A Decade for Dance

Guests will start an evening of fun as soon as they entering through Tie dyed colored columns or a soda glass balloon arch.

Or sleek black columns with glass mirror garlands and disco ball toppers. All can have specialty lighting effects such as rope lights, disco balls or spinning psychedelic lights. Other entrance enhancements can include balloons, dancers graphics or oversized peach symbol graphics.

Once inside, perimeter decor can include many different options depending on the decade you choose. For example for a 50's event, we an enhance with fun guitar and record columns, 50's style movie cutout figures and oversized jukebox graphics. For the 60's, we offer oversized happy face graphics, Tie dye fabric panels and fun lighting effects. For the 70's, Alpine Events adds such flair as shimmer curtain walls, disco balls and John Travolta cutouts.

Each theme has several linen and centerpiece options that can accommodate any budget ranges. Tablescapes can range from a simple black overlay with fun 50's style centerpieces of records, penny candies and lowers and bright pink napkins. Or a bright gold lame with mini disco balls and tinted gel in oversized martini glasses for the 70's style
A groovy square vase of bright Gerber daisies on neon colored overlays will add that 60"s pop to tables..

Alpine Events can add a wonderful stage enhancement with two more column decor or balloon pieces that match the entrances and these can be enhanced further with lighted peace symbols, shimmer curtain swags or a soda shop backdrop. Other enhancements based on budget requirements can include custom theater backdrops to match the decade of choice.

This varied theme can be one that provides all your guests with a dance back down memory lane that they will never forget. Let Alpine Events provide top notch entertainment from any decade designed to compliment these themes.