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Poker Tournaments

In our quest to bring you the first class theme parties, Alpine Events is introducing the World Series of Poker.

This fun theme event can go with our Casino Royal décor package or it can be a stand-alone event. Four hours of intense poker will decide who will be the Champion of this exciting series. It is based on a No Limit Hold’Em championship. When it is all played out who will have all the chips and the coveted title?
Alpine Events will provide the professional style tables, chips, great interactive dealer staff and complete coordination of the tournament. We can even provide a trophy for the winner and lots of other fun additions! World Series of Poker Rules

Each event is a normal “freeze-out”, with the game deciding who can continue until only one player has all the chips. Limits and blinds will be raised at regularly scheduled intervals. Players are eliminated from the tournament when they lose all their chips, but fin fun continues for all.

Tables will be systematically combined and balanced as the tournament proceeds. The last remaining player at the final table will be declared the winner of the World Series of Poker. Alpine Events can even provide trophies or prize auction based on event and winnings.