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Fire and Ice

Guests will be start this dramatic evening by entering through a set of base columns that will support a unique shimmer curtain with one half being silver and one half being red.

The columns will be topped with balloon clusters to add height and drama. The ice side will be in silver, blues and white, while the fire side will be red, gold and orange. Additional balloons will twirl around the columns to add more interest to the entrance piece. Another enhancement can be up lighting in the same tones on either side to finish the effect.

Once inside, perimeter decor can include lighting in the "fire' colors on one half of the room and the "ice " colors on the other side.

Tablescapes can range from a simple package of fire red and ice blue overlays with 2 different bud vase style centerpieces that are either rd or white roses and red or silver base votive holders. For a higher end look, tables can be draped in silver and red satin with matching chair covers and dramatic up-lighted centerpieces. Based on either a red or white covered light disc, the 2 styles of centerpieces will be similar in effect but very different in style. The fire set will be varied heights of tall brandy style wine glass with red gel, red rose blooms. The ice side will have square vases, glowing crystal gel and white roses inset into the vases. Alpine events will even gel the lighted discs in either a deep red or cool blue to create the color on each table. This theme has several linen options that can accommodate any budget ranges.

Alpine Events can add a wonderful stage enhancement with two more column decor pieces that match the entrance and these can be enhanced with such options as flame columns or ice sculptures to create a true drama.

This great theme can be one that provides all your guests with high style glamour for an event they will never forget. Let Alpine Events create this truly unique event and we can even provide first rate entertainment options custom designed to this theme.