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The Comedy Magic Show

With his hysterical escape from The Jacket of Doom, The Amazing Dave, "Comedy Magic Show!" is sure to thrill and delight your audience.

But the Jacket of Doom...

is just the highlight of a program filled with laughter, fun and sheer amazement. The Amazing DaveÅfs program begins in a low key, charming fashion. His self-deprecating humor disarms the audience, as Dave displays the skill of an experienced performer. Coins appear from nowhere. A signed card is lost in a card deck, triumphantly Dave pulls one card from the deck, and oops itÅfs the wrong card! Never fear a real magician simply blows on the card changing it in to the correct card, complete with the signature of the baffled assistant.

In the second segment of the show...

Dave steps up the humor and the astonishment. A torn newspaper instantly repairs itself. An open book suddenly catches fire. And a classic of magic is presented when Dave links six beautiful silver rings together. Don't make the mistake of thinking "I've seen this trick before." In the hands of The Amazing Dave Elstun the rings seem to literally dissolve one through the other.

daveOutThe Comedy Magic Show...

Concludes with a recreation of HoudiniÅfs famous straitjacket escape. Labeling his straitjacket, The Jacket of Doom, Dave keepÅfs the finale of his show in line with todayÅfs attitudes. Dave plays this one for humor. And funny it is, your group will literally roar with laughter as Dave's middle age physique takes on the rigors of a straitjacket escape. This escape was featured on the hit TV series "Diagnosis Murder" with Dick Van Dyke.

This presentation is appropriate for ages 6-10!

Dave provides a 40-minute magic show with 20-minute magic workshop
(which will teach kids 3 magic tricks with things around their house.)