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Colorado Wildlife Program

This is an educational program showcasing skins, skulls, and tracks of Summit County wildlife.

Summit County is a home to a vast variety of wildlife species. This program is designed to teach visitors and residents about creatures big and small that live in and around Summit County. Wildlife Managers from CDOW describe what to listen for while you are hiking. This program can even be a fun addition to other winter activities and ski slope tracking is both new and exciting for the younger crowd. This is an interactive program where skins and skulls can be seen up close and can be touched. The show is geared toward all ages and designed for those that live here year round or are on vacation. Some of critters that may be shown are black bears, mountain lions, beavers, badgers, and bighorn sheep. This is a great to learn about what makes these animals unique.

Colorado Division of Wildlife brings educational and informational material on how to Live with Wildlife in lion, bear, coyote, and moose country. Bear Aware Volunteers share information on Summit County bears and how they teach people how to live and hike in bear habitat. Bear Aware Volunteers give people the opportunity to make their own bear track on a take home brochure with helpful bear awareness information.

Customized packages and specific quotes are available based on size of group, hours, budget, and lead-times.