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Unique Interactive Games

Clowns and more Clowns! Stage shows or Walkaround. We have Western theme (Rodeo Rose), Circus, Cirque, even a Peacock Princess!

  • Balloon Clowns or Balloon Artists.
  • Facepainters in costumes to fit your theme.
  • Puppet shows complete with backdrop or props.
  • Magicians for Walkaround, or Stage Shows for large productions with sound and lights.
  • Jugglers and/or Juggler workshops.
  • Stiltwalkers in various costumes.
  • Mimes - French black & white, Mardi Gras, or Clown.
  • Storytellers: Princess Faith; Red Tail the Mountain Man; Colorful Colorado History, Multi- Cultural including: Hispanic, Native American and African American.
  • Large animal characters and mascots for non-verbal interaction, greeting, photo ops.
  • Camellamaroo – creates the illusion of a rider a-top this part Camel, part Llama and part Kangaroo – a magnet for kids!
  • Yo Yo Artist for Exhibition and/or Teaching.
  • Irish Dancers – Stage Shows or demonstration.
  • Hip Hop and Break Dancers - great visual group for all ages. 15 min to 40 min. shows.
  • Fortune Tellers - Palm, Tarot, Crystals etc.
  • Live Bands performing Children’s Music.
  • a. David Williams “Animals”. Songs about animals of all kinds for kids of all ages.
  • b. Lois LaFond & the Rockadiles - Reggae, Rock, Blues, Salsa, African Rhythms. A celebration of whirled cultures with an emphasis on self-esteem and a dose of just plain silly tunes.
  • Street Tap dancers and street percussionists.
  • Caricature Artists or Portrait Artists.
  • Games Masters for Picnics – create fun for all ages.
  • Petting Zoo - featuring Swiss Alpine Goats, Miniature Horses, Chickens, Bunnies & more.
  • Pony Rides – Ponies in the round decorated in festive fashion - 4 or 6 ponies.
  • Miniature Ponies pulling Carts/Buggies for kiddie rides.
  • Arts and Crafts – an idea to capture every child’s imagination. Paints, colors, cut and paste, greeting cards and other traditional crafts and other ideas to suit your event theme. Optional
  • feature: Create a play - kids not only create their own costumes, stage set and props but they can even participate in the play itself. A creative adventure.
  • DJ’s with music for all ages, including dance contests, limbo, hula hoops & more!
  • Kids love Elvis!

Inflatables & Fun Activities for the Younger Crowd

  • Moon Bounces - Inflatable jumping units with air filled walls and netting to keep the kids on the air filled bouncing cushions. (15’W x 15’L x 9’H)
  • Dragon Maze - 25’ x 25’ A dragon face welcomes kids into a maze of inflated tunnels. 140 feet of 4 foot in diameter tunnels; joined by castles at three corners. In the middle there is a meeting spot that can hold up to five little explorers at once!
  • Propella the Plane - Takes children’s fun to new heights. Over 35’ of high level adventure. Propella is full of travel through fun starting with climbing up into the entrance and sliding down into the plane. There is a maze in the wing, an inflated flight crew and more. (20’W x 30’L x 10’H)
  • Seaweed the Sea Dragon – Seaweed will be the biggest and brightest sea serpent the kids have ever seen. Her head is fifteen feet tall and she is 50’ long. Climb up a rope climb, slide down her slide and travel through a maze of fun. (30’W x 40’L x 15’H)
  • Daisy the Dinosaur Ball Pond – The world’s most adorable inflated dinosaur. The children climb up the steps on her tail and slide into a nest full of colorful plastic dinosaur eggs. (9’W x 10’L x 7’H)
  • Octopus Maze - Enter the GIANT octopus and crawl around the maze of fun. The kids will flip over this entertaining activity!!
  • Caterpillar Maze - Cameron is a 55' long inflatable fun tunnel. This colorful giant caterpillar features lots of travel through adventure including a large slide, giant teeth, biffers, baffers and more. Watch the kids line up for this attraction.
  • Jupiter Jump - Kids will bounce as if walking in space. The air ride will provide hours of fun.
  • Large Castle Bounce - This large attractive bounce ride has the shape of a medieval castle.
  • NFL Bronco Theme House - Enter the playing field with John Elway and Steve Atwater on this inflatable air bounce. The kids will feel as though they are on the playing field with their favorite Denver Bronco.
  • Denver Bronco Helmet Air Jump - The NFL licensed replica helmet is great for the kids to jump in. The NFL helmet has the Denver Broncos "classic" logo.
  • Krazy Klown Jump - The Krazy Klown Jump is a great inflatable jump for children 12 and under. This jump has a large clown head at the top of the unit.
  • Kiddie Merry-Go-Round - Experience the joy of riding an old fashioned, 6 horse, merry-go-round.
  • Giant Inflatable Twister - An exact replica of the original, yet much bigger and inflatable! Join the fun on the 15'x15' giant inflatable Twister. Requires electricity and a grass surface.
  • Inflatable Kiddie Playground - Designed especially for the "little ones". Great activities on this inflatable include: Mini Slide, Ball Pit, Tunnel and much more!Art Projects for the Younger Crowd
  • Spin Art Machine – Includes machine, paint, and 5”x7” cards and frames for 25 pictures.
  • Sand Art Bottles – Includes 10 sand colors, bottles, funnels, and scoops.
  • Sandy Candy - Make sand art that is edible, using special straws and the Famous Sandy Candy in 6 colors.
  • Bead Art – Beaded key chains, necklaces, and bracelets are the rage.

Trackless Train  

Our attractive trackless train accommodates up to 18 passengers and Alpine Events will design a course, which begins at the "Fun Express" station and travels throughout the entire picnic area.



FISH POND - Fish for the big one and win
DUCK POND - Pick a duck and win
LOLLIE POP TREE - Pick a lollie pop and win
COLOR WHEEL - Spin the wheel, match your color, and win
UNDER THE RAINBOW - Three balls roll down; two in same color wins


FOOTBALL TOSS - Throw football through to win
TIC TAC TOSS - Three balls in a row wins
RING-A-BOTTLE - Ring bottlenecks and win
RING-IT - Ring it and win
PUTT-PUTT BOWLING - Putt to knock over pins and win
CAN GAME - Three tries to completely knock cans off to win
TIP-A-TROLL - Knock over the colorful trolls to win
HULA HOOPS - Toss hula-hoop over box to win
OVER/UNDER - Roll dice down; choose under/over 7 to win
BIG MOUTH BEAN BAG TOSS – Three bean bags through the clown’s mouth win
CRAZY QUARTERS/PLINKO – Three quarters, any two in wins
RAINBOW PITCH - Pitch coins onto the rainbows to win
POP-A-FROG - Launch frogs into basket to win
PITCH TILL YOU WIN - Toss cane rings to win
POP-A-TAZ - Launch Taz into the whirlwind bucket to win


CAT IN THE HAT - Get the ball in the cat’s hat to win
SLAP SHOT HOCKEY - Slide the pucks into the goal
SHUFFLE BOWL - Three pucks to “knock up” the pins
BOTTLES UP - Three tries to stand up the coke bottle
DARTS AND STARS - Three suction cup darts, one in wins
HOOP SHOT - Two in basket wins
BASKETS FULL - Toss the balls, one in wins
FAT CATS - Three balls to knock down three cats
CROSSBOW DARTS - One try to score a bulls eye
GOLF PUTT - Hole-in-one wins
CUE BALL - Bank it in to win