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Red Tail

Red Tail  - "The Colorado Mountain Man" will take you "Back in Time"

With an authentic and historically accurate presentation on the mountain men and their experiences with the Indian, the wildlife, native to Colorado, and the hardship of their wilderness existence.

Red Tail is an authentic mountain man who can spin yarns about what life in the mountains was like over 100 years ago. Dressed in furs and skins made by his own hands, and accompanied by his Burro Bambi, loaded with skins, traps, and an old flintlock rifle, Red Tail is the perfect addition to any party. He is very knowledgeable about the local history of Colorado, as well as what it took to carve out a living in the mountains before the development of highways and automobiles.

Red Tail is very comfortable interacting with guests, posing for photos, giving talks on the old days, and entertaining children with his vast knowledge of the old ways and days. Bambi the burro is very gentle, and is both a fascinating and favorite addition to Red Tail with both the adults and children