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Survivor Island

Group Size: 10 or more

Alpine Events can turn any location into a remote island from which your group must not only survive.

IMG 6837The Survivor Island event can turn any location into a remote island from which your group must not only survive, but thrive. This is a great teambuilding experience that works with physical challenges, gps orienteering, mental strategies and all round fun.

This program is based on a multi functional team building scenario. The concept involves group participation in order to achieve a common goal of survival on a remote island. This is a great teambuilding experience that works many physical and mental challenges. By utilizing basic Global Position Satellite technologies (GPS) groups search for "supplies", design and implement tribal dances and more!

The tribal chief of "Survivor Island" will be adding twist and turns throughout the quest to up the group's participation and event difficulty.

So get your coconut thinking caps on and see if this new, exciting "Survivor Island" program is for your group or organizations event. Don't be one of the teams left on the island.

All the activities are ideal for group/ corporate team building programs. Each team problem solving activity is described with the depth of relevant detail and sophistication that is successful training. The games and initiatives are selected with both physical fitness tasks as well as non-exertion roles as well. This serves as part of the group task assigning objectives and these decisions are made within the groups themselves. Therefore both options exist and really add to the diversity of the exercise. The action learning activities offer team fun and engaging ways to learn and practice the skills of teamwork. As the team moves from one initiative to the other progress may be observed in the areas of:

  • Problem solving using a cooperative approach
  • Team planning and time management
  • Effective communication and feed back
  • Participative decision making
  • Mutual trust and confidence

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