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Multi Media Trivia & Games Show Mania

Group Size: 10 or more

This is not your standard night of trivia. Your event will be filled with music, pictures, animation and fun. 

Multi Media Trivia

Our interesting questions will keep your guests intrigued and focused. Your event consists of several categories of 10 questions each. (You choose the categories.) Categories can include: Company Trivia, Movies, Geography, Music, American History, World History and many more. We can customize your business or organization questions to our format. We can take your questions, add graphics, music and pictures to them, and make even the simplest of questions exciting and thought-provoking.

Each table will become their own team. They must come up with a team name and work together to solve these tricky questions. They are not allowed to use their smart phones to help them, but even if a team cheats, most of the questions are written in such a way they would be hard-pressed to find the answers quickly and easily online. After reading each question we allow the team 45 – 60 seconds to answer before we move onto the next question. Keeping the questions fast-paced is a way of keeping the guests focused and away from their smart phones.

Each round consists of 10 questions, and 10 answers. The answers are also in a multi media format, adding more fun to the solutions. Each round of 10 questions and 10 answers takes approximately 20 minutes. We recommend four categories, and no more than six categories for an evening event. Come and enjoy a night of fun, excitement, and maybe even learn some interesting but obscure facts!

Game Show Mania

Have you ever wanted to be a contestant on one of those TV Game Shows? Well join us as we bring elements from various TV Game Shows to your group!

The groups will be divided into teams. Each team will receive a team colored bandana and their individual team schedule.

After their schedules are distributed, the teams will compete (all together) in one challenge. Once this challenge is complete they will then head to various challenges and will compete head to head with the other teams in various challenges to include popular games from the TV Shows, Minute to Win It and Family Feud. Once the teams have completed their challenges, we add up all the points and award the winner of these TV Games!

We include all the challenge stations, team schedules, team bandanas, staff/referees, as well as an energetic Emcee.

Choose from these catagories:

  • Extreme Bingo
  • Price Right (we would have to work on the prizes and price)
  • Fabulous Feud
  • Hollywood Game Night
  • Jeopardy
  • Minute to Win it