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How to build a better mouse trap

Group Size: 10 or more

How to Build a Better Mouse trap Team Building (Rube Goldburg) is a great day of fun as well as a professional corporate tool creating strong working teams and long lasting bonds.         

This challenging day takes elements of engineering, design, and management skills and rolls them into one fun and interactive event. Once teams are divided up, each group will be given a box containing materials. All of the boxes contain the exact same tools.

They will be assigned the job of creating a device to accomplish a very simply task (like popping a balloon). However, they must make the device as complicated as possible while still completing the task. This is known as a Rube Goldberg device. They will be given extra points for creativity, strangeness, and achieving the greatest variety of surfaces used. The winner will be the device that accomplishes the most unnecessary, numerous and needless steps to achieve the goal.

As the teambuilding progresses, we add and change the rules, so the teams must adapt to the new situation while still striving to complete the requirements in the given time. We MIGHT add or take away material; we MIGHT force the teams to change players; it is even possible that, in the end, we will … well if we tell you then you MIGHT have a leg up.

At the end of the event, all teams will demonstrate their creations and all teams will proudly walk away with the knowledge of a job well done...or at least walk away with a fun story of a great day.