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James Bond - Beyond Escape Game

Does your team have the spy skills and brain power to become the top agents? Do you have the creativity to impress our judges? Enter now and let’s find out.

Your Adventure Begins...

Using a smartphone and items found in a mystery briefcase you will try to make your way through a maze of sequential challenges before the clock runs out. Challenges will require brain power, teamwork, creativity...and some spy (James Bond) knowledge won't hurt your chances. You can always use hints to help you through the game but don't waste too many points, as scoring points will give you the best chance at winning. Oh...and one more important thing. When you submit photo and video challenges they will be sent directly to our spy judges at HQ who will review and score them based on accuracy and creativity, making quality of utmost importance.

What’s In the Mystery Case?

The Mystery Briefcase Contains Items to Solve Challenges...

Of course it would not be much of a mystery if you knew what was inside. The app will tell you once you need to turn to the case to help move along and solve challenges.

What’s in the app?

The app contains your private themed game and all of the tech you need.

Inside the app you will find a series of challenges that will have your team doing trivia, riddles, puzzles, photos, videos and even posing with stickers. You will complete tasks to unlock the next challenge and earn clues. As you complete challenges you can view the leaderboard to see how your team is stacking up in your race against the clock!

Riddles, Puzzles and Brain Games

Between the case and the app you’ll have to figure it out...

As these challenges will come in different shapes and sizes. Are you good at picture puzzles? Do you know  anything about James Bond? Can you logically work through clues? Rest assured you’ll never get ‘stuck’ as you can always move on - it will just cost you precious points.

James Bond Knowledge is… a Bonus

Have you seen the James Bond movies?

Questions will vary in degree of difficulty. The game will not require superfan level knowledge. Not a spy-master? Don’t worry, we’ll have a variety of challenges so everyone on the team will get engaged. Time is also a factor, so don’t spend too long on any one challenge. You’ll have to decide!

Live Judging! Photos, Videos and Sticker Challenges

We’re a great job!

Some challenges will have you trying to create certain types of photos or posing with our themed stickers to create the best overall image. You might think you have the best photo until Team MI6 sneaks outside to create an even more epic death scene photo. Your game judge will award points based on accuracy and awesomeness.

Check the leaderboard!

While you will be in the same house, who knows how fast the competition is moving? Check the leaderboard on teh mobiel app to decide if you need to start using hints, moving faster or getting more creative!


  • Team Sizes: 3-5
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Tech Required: 1 Smartphone per team
  • Mystery Briefcase: Provided
  • Style: Live judged escape style game
  • Activity level: Mild / Indoors

James Bond 2
James Bond 3
James Bond 4
James Bond 1
James Bond 5