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Eco Challenges

Group Size: 10 or more

Using the adventure –racing model, Alpine Events will customize a program to meet the learning objective of your organization. Teams will participate in a series of activities while competing against teams from the same company.

Programs can be a short as 1/2 day or as long as a week. Teams will navigate through the outdoor course using a gps system, map and compass and multiple forms of transport that might include trekking, rafting, canoeing, horseback, mountain bike, rappelling, rock climbing, swimming, team initiatives and traditional ropes course challenges. All activities are matched to the physical abilities of the teams. Competing teams will be judged on time elapsed, quality of decisions and innovation problem solving.

Our goal is to provide a learning environment analogous to the fast-paced climate of competitive corporations. Each team will have an accomplished adventure sport facilitator to observe the group’s interaction, make sure they are participating in a safe manner, and assist in the debriefing and development of an action plan to be taken back to the work place.