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Team Work with Inflatables

Group Size: 10 or more

Yes, we have the Sumo Wrestling game! Team Work with Inflatables gets your team working together and laughing together in no time.

bungeerunLazar Tag - Our inflatable Lazar Tag is 20' wide x 40' wide x 15' high. Get inside the inflatable space maze and try not to let your opponents zap you with their lazar shooter. Two teams of 4 will be inside a large space maze. The winners of each round will challenge the next opponents and the teams intact are the Lazar Kings and Queens. FUN for all ages!

Climbing Wall - Our climbing wall stands to 25' tall by 7' wide when in its climbing position. The wall has several different routes ranging in difficulty. The climber is on belay with a rope and climbing harness. This event can be run relay style or in a timed event. Also, one-on-one competition can be used.

Human Bowling - This activity is run with a 25' long x 15' width x 8' high Air Tube which holds human size plastic pins. One person is put into a round cage 4' by 4' in size. The person is buckled into a seat. The rest of the group rolls the Human Bowling Ball down the lane for a strike. Can be played for fun or as a group to score Points. Best team wins. Also great for the C.E.O. to be rolled by the staff.

Obstacle Course - This inflatable course will test your stamina and coordination. This huge course has several obstacles to go over, under and through before you're finished. Start off on our porch, then through the tunnel and over the mountain, through two squeezes (one horizontal the other vertical) and under the wall you go to the stop sign then return back through the course for time. (45' long x 15' width x 13'high)

Sumo Wrestling - Participants are whisked into the world of Sumo Wrestling as soon as they step into the huge foam filled suits. This is fun for participants and spectators alike. Package includes 2 suits, 2 sumo wig helmets, 2 pairs of gloves, and a 25' x 25' safety mat.

Velcro Man + Wall - This Activity consists of a jumpsuit worn by one person. The suit has Velcro on it. There is a padded wall that also has Velcro on it. A few good friends either toss the person onto the wall, or the person bounces off a small trampoline ejecting him/herself onto the wall. (15' long x 12' width x 13' high)

Bungee Run - This activity consists of a chest harness and bungee rope. There are two lanes that are used for dual contests. Each event member is hooked up to the harness and runs down the ally until the bungee is stretched out as far as one can stretch it. The mark is made, and each participant tries to beat it. Great for team building or general fun at parties and events. (35' long x 10' width x 8' high)

Gladiator Joust - Just like on "American Gladiators" this game allows your guests to compete against each other in an exciting contest with pugil sticks. The first one to knock their opponent off the pedestal is the winner. The pedestal stand is an inflatable floor, which makes the fall harmless and fun. (20 x 20)

Rodeo Bull Ride - The most original bucking bronco you have ever seen. The mechanical ride is encased in an inflatable ring. All the fun of the infamous ride with the security of a safe inflatable to land in. 19' diameter x 10' High.

Mechanical Alpine Snowboarding or Robo-Surfer - The same motion simulator ride as in the bull except in a mountain or beach inflatable on a real snow or surfboard. These are the coolest rides to test your boarding skills. (17'W x 17'L x 10'H).

Remote Control Racers - Five top of the line remote control race cars with hand held remote controls race on an off road style track. Take the jumps take the tunnel and take the turn that brings you back to the finish line-only one racer gets the checkered flag.(20'L x 60'W)

Human Maze - A steel framework creates a 40'W x 60'L x 8' H maze. The participants must not only find their way through but also get a stamp at four stations inside the maze. To add even more challenge each participant will be timed using a time clock.

Surf/Snowboard System - The game utilizes CD-Rom technology with high-resolution graphics to give you a thrilling interactive. Choose the 19" monitor that comes with the starting price or opt for the real feel boarding with a 32" T.V./Monitor on stand. Either way, "Hang Ten" with a system to run either a surfing or snowboarding interactive game.

Inflatable Mountain Climb - Scale our four sided inflatable mountain with a real rock look and professional hand holds, harnesses, ropes, and belaying system. (18'W x 18'L x 28'H)

Alpine Events LLC will take care of the immense number of details, creating an unique event that will leave a lasting impression on your guests or clients. Be confident that our combination of experience, imagination, and local resources will save you time and worry. Plus we will be there on-site to assure success as we coordinate and manage your event; one that you'll have time to enjoy!

If we can be of any help in customizing activities, team building ideas or theme parties to suit you and your clients needs, please don't hesitate to call.