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Team Work Initiatives

Group Size: 10 or more

The Group Initiatives are experiential activities that involve all members of a team to reach a goal. Although the facilitator defines the parameters, the group must find its own unique way to solve the problem and follow through within those parameters.

teambuildingThese activities do not require a great deal of physical strength or stamina. They are designed so that people of all shapes, sizes and development can be included.

There are hundreds of variations of Group Initiatives. We will choose the activities that meet your specific needs and goals and the composition of your particular group.

Shared Mental Model\Team Building Blocks

Your team is split into two smaller teams. One team is given an assembled product; the other team is given the exact raw materials to build that product. Through various communication allotments, participants from Group A are trying to explain to Group B the product that they have. A great activity in effective communication.

Bomb Removal

A bomb has been placed inside a toxic waste zone that none of your teammates may enter. Your team must remove the bomb before it explodes and destroys the earth!!! The group is given raw materials to make a bomb removal device from the inside of the toxic waste zone.

Mine Field

Each participant will partner up and each person gets a blindfold. The object of this highly visual activity is to verbally guide a blindfolded player through the minefield without them stepping on any of the mines. Verbal directions must come from the sidelines; i.e., the verbal leader is not allowed to stand next to his/her partner within the minefield. This activity focuses on communication skills and trust and communication barriers.

Invisible Maze

You and your teammates must find your way through the invisible maze. Sound impossible? It’s not!!

Tent Pole

This one sounds so easy it’s ridiculous, however, this will challenge you like you won’t believe. Basic rules: Two lines face each other, a tent pole is laid on top of your index finger, now lower the pole to the ground. Sounds like a cinch, eh? Watch and see!

Blind Line up

Everyone on the team is given a secret number. Now, with your eyes closed and without talking line up in numerical order from lowest to highest. This one will challenge you!

All Aboard

You and your teammates are on a sinking ship and the ship rests on the bottom of the ocean floor with only the 2’x2’ crow’s nest sticking up out of the water. You as a team must figure out a way to effectively balance your entire team up on the platform or become shark bait!!!

Moon Shoes

NASA called and needs your help. They have a shuttle going up to the moon soon and need a team of people to help test out a new transportation device they have created. You and your team must travel across a portion of the moon together on 12’ planks. Come on guys….NASA needs your help!!

Human Knot

This one will tie you up! Standing in a circle, teammates grab hands with someone across the circle from them with their left hand, then someone different with their right hand. Now without breaking hands, untie the knot!! Good luck!

Human Handcuffs

This one will tie you up for a little while. You and a partner are "tied up" with two ropes. You must figure out how to separate your two ropes without taking them off of your hands!! Be prepared for this brain-teaser!

Living Ladder

Living Ladder is an excellent technique for showing how a group can support a single person in their efforts without overburdening any single member of the group. It also shows that the most important component of a successful project is the people involved.

Work Trap Bun-G-Box

The quest is for all the players to get through the Bun-G-Box as quickly as possible – a timed event. Watch out for the cups! Participants are asked how many cups they would like depending on the level of challenge the group is ready for. Each cup is a "key" that can open four doors (placing the cup at a cord intersection opens for spaces). Once a key is in place, it cannot be taken out. However, it can fall into the house, never to be seen again; hence closing the doors the key opened. If someone is standing in a door when it closes, another key must be used to open the door. Did I say anything about holding on to the keys?

Plenty of Room at the Top

Two urban radio enthusiasts decide to put a new antenna on the roof of their urban apartment building. Even though there really isn’t much room up there, they figure out a way to balance all the various components to the antenna on top of a single pole. Can your group do the same?

Egg, Chicken, Velociraptor

A Fun, Energizing Adaptation to the infamous "Rock, Paper, Scissors" game. A great way to start out your team’s day.

Turn Over a New Leaf

This one will have your team "Turning Over a New Leaf!" With the entire group standing on a tarp, you must turn the tarp over without touching the ground around the tarp.

Group Juggle

This activity can be used as a name game or as a problem solving activity. The objective is to see how many items you can have going around the circle at one time. Watch out for the rubber chicken!!

Raccoon Circle

This is a Trust activity that you and your group work up to. After trust is established within the group this activity can test your abilities to maintain that trust.

Tug-Of- War

This activity is the classic! Either Full Tug-of- War or Competitive Tug-of- War with Mud Pit. Each team takes the rope at mid-point and the tug-of-war begins.

Tail Tag

This is a great energizing game that can get your blood pumping. Everyone is given a tail and everyone is "it"! You must try to keep your own tail while trying to steal someone else’s!!

What Goes Where?

You and a partner are given an equal number of objects. One partner will make a design and then have to explain it to your partner while sitting back to back! This is a great communication exercise.


There is a computer virus and your team must punch in the correct keys or else you will lose your entire important database!! This problem-solving activity will have the team trying to better their time.

Body Parts

This debriefing tool is great to end your day with. By tossing "body part balls" around the circle you can learn new things about your group members. The brain ball will tell you new things that were learned. The eyeball will tell you new things that were seen. The guts ball will tell you what challenged your teammates, and the heart ball will tell you things that were felt.

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