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Summer / Winter Olympics

Group Size: 10 or more

Let these unique games begin. This is a great way for you and your cohorts to catch the spirit of the winter Olympics.

Your group outing will combine a few creative seasonal sport activities and create a personalized team building experience.

For a winter program, try starting with a " snowshoe shuffle" race to the finish through our winter obstacle course. This course meanders up, down, over, and around different obstacles. Different relays and objectives are utilized for full team participation. Or try the great game of a more pleasing and passive event, justly named "broomball". This event is played utilizing brooms instead of sticks; balls, instead of pucks and wacky areas as goals. The objective here is simple: swat the ball with the broom and into the net. And score! Teams are divided evenly and give a special set of unique rules that conjure group dynamics and not just direct competition. Other events can include such winter fun as winter snow sculpture. GPS based ski slope activities and more.

Summer Olympic programs can range from the fun of golf to the excitement of Colorado’s excitement of thrilling white water rafting thru challenging courses. Another option includes a challenging mountain bike course in some of the best scenery possible. All can be custom created with other options into a fun, challenging Olympic style competitions that can include medals awards, “national” team accomplishments and all the fun of the real Olympics.