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Raft Olympics

Group Size: 10 or more

Teamwork is essential in the Raft Olympic competition. Participants get to test both their rafting skills and their ability to work together as they strive for the Olympic “gold medal”.


The Raft Stack Challenge, Raft Pump Race, and River Obstacle Course, are just a few of the exciting events that will determine which team will win the Raft Olympics.Sample of Activities:

1) Gear Dress Race-
Teams will race to put on all their gear
2) Raft Pump Race-
Each team will pump their raft
3) Raft Stack Challenge -
Each team will be timed as they stack rafts.
4) Raft Obstacle Course -
Each team will race down a short stretch of flat water.
5) Raft Flip (optional) -
At go, each raft will paddle into the current, flip their raft, get onto the raft, and paddle back to shore.