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Outrageous Scavenger Hunts

Group Size: 10 or more

A scavenger hunt is a game in which the participants seek to gather or complete all items on the list. 

Western Round up Scavenger Hunt

Dig up some rootin’ tooting fun and see if you team of wranglers can make it in the old west. A fun filled interactive scavenger hunt begins with teams trying to find such items as hats, badges, garters and more by using their wits, old maps and rhyming clues. Other fun touches. include their own “saddle bag” with important clues, instant cameras to record the fun and much more.

The hunt will then culminate at a western reception where guests enter an old western town and can even redeem their found mining claims to pan for gold in an authentic working sluice.
So head out west and find the gold in them thar hills
with a custom western style scavenger hunt

Lord of the Rings Scavenger Hunt

A fun filled and interactive scavenger hunts with teams trying to find 5 magic glowing rings with participants divided into trolls, wizards, elves and hobbits. Teams will have to choose such items as a magic wand, group identities and how best to quest into the dark night.

Once out into the magical realm of the Resort or Town, teams will have to search for locations using such rhyming clues and by completing magical tasks with whimsical twists and turns.”

Once all quests are complete and some other awards along the way are collected, the mystic travelers return to complete one last task and see how creative and fun they can be!

A Roman Scavenger Hunt

Guests will travel the ancient roads of Rome to try their luck at such events as toga styling, pizza making and even stomping grapes. Can they find each clue and create the winning photos of their team achieving each fun filled activity?

A great team-building event that is not based on physical strengths or who is the fastest, this outdoor adventure relies on the groups’ creativity and quick thinking ideas to come out on top.

So when in Colorado, do as the Romans do and have a blast on a scavenger hunt really from the past.