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Game Shows

Group Size: 10 or more

Get the group together and working with one an other with these great Game Shows. Have a blast while playing one of these great Game Shows.

Game Show Maniac - 3 rounds of up to 10 questions and answers per 30 minute game. Questions start with the easiest and get more difficult in each set of ten. A fast and furious fun event.

Fabulous Feud - This is a two-team game, each team tries to answer a question that has been “surveyed” by 100 people. There will be up to ten questions in a 30-minute game. Each Question may have up to 8 “top 100” answers. So kiss the host and answer in your best “family” style.

The Challenge - Multi-Matrix category game board. There are 6 categories with five questions/answers each per board. Two rounds may be played in a 30-minute game. This is a real brain challenge for any level.

Spin To Win - Includes on screen wheel or color wheel. There will be up to six phrases per 30-minute game, so take a chance on the big wheel.

Standard Trivia - Simple Question and Answer game. Ask and answer up to twenty questions per 30-minute game. Please note all games come with a set of standard pop trivia programmed into them and customization is optional.

TOTAL SYSTEM PACKAGE - Consisting of game show Master controller, three podiums each having a 4 digit LED score display, a microphone, and name placard. Also includes sound system, large display screen, and Digital projector.

SOFTWARE - New upgrade includes choice of, “Who Wants To Be A Game Show Maniac”, “The Challenge” (Jeopardy style), “Fabulous Feud!”, “Spin To Win” (Wheel of Fortune Style), and “Standard Trivia”. Each game comes with standard questions and answers.