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Fun Factor

Group Size: 10 or more

What is the limit of your Team’s ability? Where is the point that your team will say “enough“?

Do you have the stamina to outlast your co-workers and friends to hold the title of Fun Factor Champion?

As a fun take off of the popular show “Fear Factor” we have designed a number of events that are safe, but still challenge your teams endurance. This great teambuilding event is a way to see the extremes of the silliness that people will go to. Will they be able to balance on the beam almost a foot in the air while singing the worst song every written? How about eating a live (Gummy) Tarantula? And will one team member be able to stand the claustrophobia of the dreaded balloon suit? These are some of the tests to see just how much fun they are willing to stand.

We can cater the event to your company and you can choose from up to six terrifyingly fun tests. This team building experience can last from one to four hours and can be played indoors or out. You can even end the day with a prize ceremony where the winning team receives prizes, medals or whatever your company desires to give out.

This is an experience that you and your company will not soon forget! You can even add a video recording of the event to mimic the fabulous TV show.