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Who Kidnapped the Boss?

Bring your Team together virtually with a competitive and cooperative Whodunnit Game. This game can be played remotely and customized to your team (the suspects, kidnapper and much more). A custom team building game your team will not soon forget.

Who Kidnapped Your Boss A Whodunnit Team Building Virtual game you can play anywhere.

Teams work together through a series of puzzles, riddles, trivia and immersive photo & video challenges to unlock 5 suspect statements that will help to determine Who Kidnapped the Boss. Fun team challenges keep the game light hearted and entertaining while 'hints' ensure that teams never get stuck for too long on puzzles. What's the catch? Hints cost points. The winning team is the one who solves the mystery and has the most points. So teams will have to balance speed, hints, creativity and fun.

A Whodunnit that inserts your company, culture and facts - right into the heart of the experience.

Who Kidnapped YOUR Boss? We will take your boss (or chosen Kidnapee), 5 co-workers (or suspects you'd like to flag), a series of facts about your company / group / industry and build them into the game! That means your own hilarious clue cards and suspect statements. When we include some of your own company facts, these can be fun and light hearted or reinforce key messages (or perhaps the reason you are all together).

But that's not all. We can include an immersive photos and video challenges that reflects your company's culture, vision or mission. And why stop there? We have even inserted Chairman into the game to provide 'video clues' or other introductions. Customized to your liking or play our ready to go version.

What can be customized:

  • Suspects and Statement Cards
  • The person we seek
  • Custom logo
  • 2-5 trivia challenges about your group
  • 2-4 immersive photo & video challenges
  • Introductions
  • Localized with hidden QR codes (great if we want people moving around a resort, company office, conference center etc).
  • The game can also be played in a single room.