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Scavenger Hunt

Let Alpine Events take your next Remote-team Meetings to the next level with a FUN VIRTUAL SCAVENGER HUNT AROUND THE INTERNET - with teams solving our trickiest, puzzle-based clues.

Play from as many locations and computers as you like (All on Zoom.) Social distancing doesn't mean Social Isolation. So join us for a fun and challenging Happy Hour or Team Building Program with your teammates and friends, where we will team you up to break codes, find clues and search the Internet for solutions.

In our Team Building Online event, we will create breakout rooms where you and your coworkers will be faced with a number of challenges and the race clock! The first team to correctly unlock each puzzle and make it back to the main Zoom room will take home the prize and the bragging rights.

Our fantastic NEW Virtual Team Building Challenges are held via Zoom in the comfort of your own Home and Work Offices. Basically, it’s a fun virtual treasure hunt all around the world wide web —


  • Right-Brain Creative Challenges
  • Left-Brain Puzzle Challenges
  • Tricky Clues you Solve Together in Small Teams
  • Take a tour of some of the wackier places on the internet

Program Features:

  • 30-60-90 minutes in duration—fully facilitated
  • 6-12 virtual challenges
  • Clue customization available upon request

Alpine Events are professional experts in creating fun and exciting Virtual Programs, Team Building Event, Entertainment Options, Casino Parties and So Much MORE we are your ONE stop Events Company!