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Virtual Bike Build

Join Alpine Events for a one of a kind Online Bike Build and Charity Fundraiser. At Alpine Events we create custom Team Building Challenges for all company sizes. These are designed to bring your group together and help them work more efficiently while allowing natural abilities of each player to shine through.

Virtual Bike BuildAlpine Events has an Online Team Building Adventure where you will build actual bikes in a virtual world. These bikes will be given to one of several children's charities like the Ronald McDonald House, Wish for Wheels, or your favorite Charity. In this fun and interactive experience, teams will be given questions, puzzles and challenges.

They must work together as a team to work out the solutions. As they solve each round, they are awarded a piece of the bicycle. By the time they have finished the final challenge, they will have a complete (virtual) bike. For each team that builds a virtual bicycle, we at Alpine Events, will deliver an actual bike to the charity. This is a great way to bring your team together for a creative, online learning experience for a wonderful cause.

Alternatively, instead of bikes for kids, we can lead your team on an adventure where, as they successfully complete each round, they are awarded a monetary amount for a charity of their choice such as the Red Cross, local food banks/homeless shelters or donations to Heroes Funds.

Both Online team building experiences are a great way to bring your team together for an afternoon of creative learning while working to help someone in need during these uncertain times.